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Lemon Herb Tilapia Fillet



Diabetic-friendly option.

2 x 500g vacuum packs baked tilapia fillet seasoned with thyme, salt, black peppers and lemon juice. Pair it with your favorite carb and side for a delicious wholesome meal.

While leaner fish contain fewer omega-3s than oily fish, tilapia and catfish (for example) still provide a healthy dose of these heart-healthy omega-3s. In fact, a serving of these fish provides more EPA+DHA; more than other protein sources like beef or poultry. Tilapia is also low in total and saturated fats and high in protein, an exceptional nutrition combination.

Ingredients: Tilapia, thyme, salt, black peppers, lemon juice

Origin: Vietnam

 Macros per 100g servings
Calories Proteins Carbs Fats
118 kCal
20g 1g 4g


Meal Care Instruction 

How to store my meals?

  • Keep meals refrigerated upon delivery of meals. 
  • You can portion out and store meals in a air tight container and pair with your favourite proteins, carbs and veggies. 
  • Store meals up to 1 week (5-7 days) for vacuum packed meals in the chiller at a recommended temperature of 4° C (40° F) and below.
  • Store meals up to 1-2 months for vacuum packed meals in the freezer at a recommended temperature of -18° C (0° F) and below.

How to heat up my meals?

  1. Cut the seal of the vacuum packaging.
  2. Transfer and portion out meals on a plate/ bowl or container, pair with your favourite proteins, carbs or veggies.  
  3. Microwave 2-3 mins or Steam for 5-10 mins or Bake at 120° C for 5-10 mins in oven
  4. Enjoy your healthy wholesome meals :)